infectious hooves

by klovenhoofs

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recorded by paul ganger at the meat locker


released October 14, 2013

david: guitar
adam: drums
eric: bass
scott: guitar



all rights reserved


klovenhoofs Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: now the demons
the raven spreads her wings
talons as sharp as steel
demoniac attack
black night on horse's back

nightmares invade your dreams
pestilence within your veins
demoniac attack
pure evil, psychopath

blood washed skies
lucifer's disguise
unbaptised masses
unholy trespass

warhammer swings with clout
shrapnel all about
demoniac attack
pure evil psychopath

now the demons have gone
Track Name: bob seger's wake
a cold north star
leads to your death
demonic haunting
your last breath
tranquil forest hills
forbidden glens
to the top of mountains
towards the end

the righteous
shall be shot down
the powerless
will wear the crown

a shadow remains
black pale night
a witches embrace
angel of darkness
a roman defence
to the top of mountains
towards the end
Track Name: banana factory
bring forth the vicar
christ church will fail
make love to the sister
the romans prevail

the dead will rise
cut out your eyes

marcus aurelius
mount aetna's revenge
burn all the christians
pontius pilate pretends
Track Name: SS Titanic
the light burns bright
a chemical trail
a storm, organic blight
northern winds prevail
an albatross taken flight
blood eagle remains
the gods forsaken life
destinies detained

st. stephen's garden
roses are aflame
gatsby's minions
new york's disgrace
molotov cocktails
utter disrespect
fuck your mothers
fuck you friends
Track Name: silence from the grave
bong ripper
turn the tides
holy river
holy grail
life giver

8 foot tail
sacred river
false giver
the cow remains
poisoned liver

hell, where to run
silence from the grave
your time has come
not a moment too late